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Theme: Communication

Obstacle Course

zachs phone 1388Break the students up into groups of two.  Set the classroom up to have a large area with multiple items strewn about in order to make obstacles.  The student walking through the  “obstacle course” will be blindfolded while the other will have to stay outside of the border of the course.  The partner outside has to give direction to the blindfolded partner in order to navigate the course without touching any of the obstacles.

Discussion: What was easier, being the director or the blindfolded person?  What directions seemed to work good, not so good?  Did you use two way communication?

zachs phone 1337Lego’s

Break the group up into groups of two.  Each group will get two bags of Lego’s that are identical.  While sitting back to back, one student will create anything out of their Lego’s.  Once completed they will then have to try to explain to their partner how to make the exact same object out of their Lego’s.

Discussion:  Do you need to be familiar with Lego’s to be successful in this exercise?  What type of clarification questions did you ask?  Was this frustrating, why?

Stand Up For Your Opinion

Agree-Disagree-Poll-LogoPlace signs that reads “Agree” and “Disagree” at opposite sides of the classroom.  Then place a sign that reads “Not Sure” in the middle.  Read a statement aloud to the class and have them move to the area that represents their opinion.  For example “Nice guys finish last” then the class can move to the side that represents what they believe (the statements can be lighthearted mixed with serious topics).  Once they are in position have the students explain their opinion.  During this time the students can change opinions if they are swayed to do so by other students.  Prior to beginning, it is important the students understand that they have a right to their opinions, and they must respect other opinions as well.

Discussion:  Was it difficult to explain your opinion?  Do you feel comfortable stating your opinion? Why or why not?  What made you change your opinion?


There has been an accident and the ship is sinking.  There is only so much room on the life raft.  Give each student a character with their occupation, age, positive attributes and negative attributes.  Make sure the students understand they are voting for the character not the individual student.  As they slowly give information about the character have them vote people off the raft until there is one left.

Discussion: What information helped you make your decision?  After getting all the information about each character would you change your votes?  In life have you been judged or judged someone without knowing all the information?

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